The Real Life Gilmore Girls… coming as soon as I have time to transfer some stories from my other blog and write more!


We are the real life Gilmore Girls

When my daughter, Katy, and I first saw Gilmore Girls, we could not believe how many similarities existed between Lorelai and Rory’s relationship and our own. We were more convinced with every episode that Amy Sherman-Palladino must be following us around recording our lives and conversations and making a show of it. From the Dragonfly Inn to fast-talking witty conversations, their mother-daughter relationship mirrored us so closely it was – and still is – uncanny. We are looking forward to the revival of our favorite show on November 25 very much, and with that in mind, I decided it was time to start our own blog and share our stories with the world so that after you’ve binged on the four 90-minute episodes (ONLY FOUR! Are they nuts?!), you can continue getting your fix here. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you are. Are you disappointed? Tell me you’re not disappointed.